Oct 15 2020
Pajaros as Pollinators with Danielle Belleny

Pajaros as Pollinators with Danielle Belleny

Presented by Monarch Butterfly & Pollinator Festival at Online/Virtual Space

Danielle Belleny is a wildlife biologist, science communicator, and co-founder of Black Birders Week. She’ll show us how birds make blossoms happen and how they can increase plant fertility as disbursers of seed.

This lecture will teach you about local birds as pollinators, how you can identify them, and ways to help birds and pollinators in your own community. Additionally, Danielle will discuss her @BlackAFinStem campaign and Black Birders Week. Q & A to follow!

Admission Info

Email: texasbutterflyranch@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2020/10/15 - 2020/10/15

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space